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In July 2010, Mike and Ellen Butters opened the doors of EXIT Cornerstone Realty. As owners of EXIT Cornerstone Realty, Mike and Ellen focus on forming highly educated and trained agents to serve you, our valued client. Whether you're a first-time home buyer, experienced investor, or homeowner facing mortgage problems, EXIT Cornerstone's superior agents will exceed your expectations and provide you with the full-time service you expect. For more information call us at 540-825-9898.

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Nov 7 2017 35023 1

To Buy or Not to BuyI would say as a realtor, the question I am asked most is, “should I buy or just rent?” Most people know that owning a home is a great investment, but they aren’t sure it

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DIY For The Win This Fall

I am not crafty. That being said I really enjoyed doing fall crafts this weekend. I took on quite a few, but the cost was low and they turned out great. Not only were they pretty easy to,

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Commuting Isnt So Bad

Living close to Washington D.C., but not too close can be a good thing. First off there is a discount living farther out. The cost of land, houses and taxes can be less than living in the capitol or

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Solar PowerCan We Really Do That In Virginia

This week’s solar eclipse really got me thinking. Is solar power a viable option here in Virginia? Well the answer is …it depends. In order to fully use solar as an energy source you need long

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