Solar PowerCan We Really Do That In Virginia

Dated: 08/24/2017

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This week’s solar eclipse really got me thinking. Is solar power a viable option here in Virginia? Well the answer is …it depends. In order to fully use solar as an energy source you need long periods of direct sunlight. We are not exactly close to the equator, so our primary solar absorption time is in the summer. Now this doesn’t mean we don’t have solar as an option in the winter time. We are still receiving sun rays, it is just for shorter time periods and less direct. According to Sigora Solar out of Charlottesville, VA you can still save with solar. We have come a long way with our solar technology. Long gone are the days of small battery storage and gigantic expense. We are manufacturing cheaper solar options that can store energy for long periods of time. Cloudy days and nighttime are no longer a threat to solar energy. We can store energy to use during these times.

In some areas of the world there is even surplus of solar energy. In the state of Arizona residents can sell their surplus energy back to the power company. That is right. The power company will pay residents for their energy and they do not have a power bill.

Are alternative energy sources like solar the new answer to our energy needs? Stay tuned for more alternative energy options for your home on my next blog.

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  • Posted by Becky Fay
    I heard, in Virginia, you may need to contact your local power company before installing Solar if you want to receive any compensation for surplus energy from solar, is that true?

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